About Bath School of Swimming

Bath School of Swimming is a family run swim school, offering fun and progressive swimming lessons for children of all abilities. During term time we teach after school lessons at Prior Park College & St. Martin’s Garden Primary School in Bath.

Our Mission

Our mission is to share our love of swimming with everyone we teach. As well as being an essential life skill, swimming is such a fantastic sport for all-round fitness and once mastered there are so many other fun activities you can participate in, such as surfing, sailing, triathlons - to name but a few.

Our Style

We believe the best way to build confidence and to learn to swim safely and with style is in structured lessons with a low teacher to pupil ratio. We constantly adapt our small tailor made classes to specifically suit the age and ability of each individual group

Our History

Bath School of Swimming has been teaching children how to swim for over 10 years.

Our swim school was set up by Suzy Granger, a national level swimmer who has spent the last twenty years sharing her passion for swimming with her pupils. In recent years Suzy’s cousin, Sarah-Jane Katz, has joined Suzy in the day to day running of the business. Sarah-Jane is also a qualified swimming teacher who has worked with children for 15 years.